All about me at home...


This is my house in Colesville, Maryland...It's about 20 minutes outside of Washington, DC

Patrick Wells Showalter...the next Villanovan in the family!!

Easter 2004

Thanksgiving and Christening

Newest Addition to the Morrow Family

Summer 2003.....Springdale&Oakmont, PA



Me with my Paigey Girl....the Girls with Uncle Russ


Dinner at Foccacia


Mom, Grandma, Pap, and Aunt Jan.......Pap and Grandma with the Grandkids



NEW PICTURES from Spring Break 2003!!!!!

Me and Shea at her basketball game in Northern Maryland....Love to my Goober!!!


Laurie and Scott's Engagement Party~ Essex, CT


Laurie (my cousin) and Scott...the cutest couple EVER!


Grandma M. and Uncle Johnny....Jenny, Me, and Elizabeth chattin' it up

Anna Gray with her son John Emory....yes those are some good southern names y'all!


These are some of the most important people in my life!  (too bad dad was taking the picture)

Going left to right:  My Mommy, Me, Paige (cousin), Sean (cousin), Shea (cousin), Aunt Jan, and Grandma.    

Shea is an awesome basketball player and this is at a Christmas Tourney.  She is playing for Penn State in Erie, Pa.

The Morrow Family at Elizabeth and Ross' Wedding...June 2002!

This is my dog Fozzie Bear.  He had cancer, so he's no longer with us, but he was the best dog in the world.


This is Beth on her visit to Villanova.  She is a smart one and goes to Columbia in NYC.

We've been friends since Kindergarten!!


Shea on Prom night posing with Sean her brother.  Doesn't she look purty?

Sean, what's up with the shoes?????

Me and Shea at her graduation Party...Yeah Penn State Erie!


Ocean City, MD with the Truby's!!


The "Girls" waiting for a yummy dinner at Outback


A great group picture of all of us...Imagine all of us crammed in a 4 bedroom apartment....Fun Times!

Aunt Jan, Me, and Uncle Russ


Me and the Goobers!!!  Paigie Girl, Katrinka, and Sheabo!